Discord + In-Game

Server Rules

Server Rules include but are not limited to Hacks/Mods or Cheats!

  • CHEATS AND MODS: We have a NO TOLERANCE policy for players who abuse the game by using hacks/cheats to gain an advantage over others! Using any kind of mod/hacks will result in a PERMANENT Ban

  • ENGAGEMENT: We encourage you to explore and play the game in a way that you find best suits your needs, which is why we are running it as a vanilla-style server with no rules of engagement INSIDE PVP ZONES, you can be a hostile player, friendly player-looking to trade or make friends to run with or both, the choice is yours to make!

  • ALWAYS BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL: We allow you to engage in the way you choose fits best, Nevertheless, we do not allow racism, hate speech, or any form of disrespect in our servers, and this will result in punishment up to removal from the community!

  • NO ADVERTISING: Players are reminded not to advertise on our servers or our discord, this includes advertising other DayZ servers or discord servers. You are allowed to tell players your YT Channel or Twitch channel in-game and on Discord in the content creator's dedicated channel, failure to follow this rule will result in your removal from the community

  • INGAME RELATED ISSUES: IF YOU DIE IN-GAME admins are not responsible for retrieving your loot/items. This is DayZ... and if you have been playing for a while you should know this game is especially unforgiving at times

  • NO STEALING LOOT: Do not steal loot from other players, vehicles open or unlocked, dead player's bodies, or from bases. If it's not yours leave it alone period (Unless any of the listed are INSIDE a STATIC MARKED PVP ZONE)

  • NO STEALING LOOT (Cnt...): TEMPORARY PVP ZONES are to be treated as they are (TEMPORARY), you are allowed to take loot from dead bodies you killed or found or took hostage, but you CAN NOT RAID or STEAL VEHICLES in TEMPORARY PVP ZONES this includes vehicle keys

  • IMPERSONATING: Anyone impersonating staff members including admins, moderators, etc will be banned from the server. Simple as that

  • TICKETS: We have a dedicated service for tickets in our Discord server for any issues you face in-game or on Discord, please use this feature wisely, and make sure you provide any information that may help your claim, we require proof. Do not lie in your tickets or falsify information, this may result in a ban

  • TAGGING: Do not @ staff, admins, or players repeatedly or without a valid reason

  • BUG ABUSING "MOVEMENTS & MORE“: Any movement that is considered an “unintended feature” that provides any form of advantage to other players is against the rules inside of PVP Zones and during any Purge Event. Examples are: Moonwalking, Meatballing, Vortexing, Headglitching

  • LOOT CYCLING: Loot Cycling is strictly prohibited on our server. Logging or waiting in key areas of the map for loot to spawn or cycle is a bannable offense.

  • STREAM SNIPING: Not allowed, this counts as cheating. If video proof is provided and valid, it will result in a permanent ban from our servers!

  • DUPING: Any duping that is made on purpose will result in a permanent ban!

  • SERVER CRASHES: Any Items/Gear/Vehicles lost during a server crash will not be compensated, unless video proof is provided and marked with the date and time of the incident

  • DISCORD: Players are required to join Discord to play on our servers, discord is our most up-to-date place where rules and any relevant information are listed, failure to join our Discord server will result in you being kicked from the server

  • VEHICLE PARKING: Players are encouraged to store away unused vehicles in garages, vehicles are wiped from the server every 3 restarts (9 Hours) if your vehicle is outside after this time it will disappear and will not be compensated

  • THE NAME "SURVIVOR": Players must change their name to something other than "Survivor", this is just annoying but also makes it a nightmare for admins to track, please change your name! Players will receive warnings to change their name if seen in-game

  • DARK HORDE: Players who engage the dark horde are reminded to try their best to kill the master fast, as zombies keep spawning until he is defeated. Players are not allowed to farm zombies from the horde master by purposely not killing him, this ruins the natural flow of the horde system and could cause server-related issues. Players are also reminded to not run into any trader if they have been aggro'd by the horde, this causes traders to break and could cause further complications, if you are in trouble ask for help in chat and someone should come and help but they may ask for the rewards of helping you defeat the horde

  • RESTART IDLE: players are encouraged to remain idle and wait 5-10 minutes before a server restarts, if your character were to die before a server restart, there is a chance that your loot may disappear and won't be replaced by admins, play smart!


  • **Bases that do not meet the following requirements can be deleted at the discretion of the Admin Team. A Territory Flag is needed for any base building

  • BASE REGISTRATION: Players must register their base by Creating a ticket on Discord and waiting for an admin to approve their build location, Failure to do so may result in your base being removed with no compensation to the player. Base Registration Ticket must include a screenshot of the location with the map open alongside a screenshot of the nearest military zone/trader zone and nearest base if there is one to make sure it meets the requirements.

  • BASE MEMBERS: Maximum of 6 Players per base, if the clan is bigger than 6, the remaining members will need to make their own base, no exemptions. Base member's Gamertags must be part of the Base Registration Ticket, they can be added or removed at the discretion of the base owner and admins must be notified promptly.

  • TERRITORY FLAG: Players must have a territory flag built before building, if no flag is present items will start despawning and your base may be deleted. It is the player's responsibility to ensure the flag does not drop half or below half. No compensation is given to items that disappear due to the flag pole being removed/lowered due to inactivity

  • LAND CLAIM KIT: Players must purchase a Land Claim Kit found at traders with a tools vending machine, Players must then place the land claim kit at their desired base location but must ensure all rules of base building are followed before building

  • BASE LOCATION: Players must ensure their base location is 1000m away from any PVE/PVP Trader location. Players must ensure their base location is 800m away from Major military zones such as North West Airfield and 500m away from smaller military bases. Players must also ensure their base location is 200m away from any existing base location owned by other players or friends. Players may ask Admins on Discord if they are unsure of their location and admins will inform players if they are allowed to build there

  • BASE LOCATION EXEMPTIONS: Players are allowed to build closer to the following areas only < BOAT TRADER 250m, NOVY LUG MILITARY 250m, TIKHIYZALIV MILITARY 250m, TOPOLKA MILITARY 300m, BEREZINO MILITARY 300m, HUNT PLUS 500m, >

  • BASE BLOCKING: Bases are not allowed to block any roadway, gas station pumps, water wells, or lumber yards that other players might want to access. Failure to do so may result in admins asking the base owner to remove the items blocking the path with no compensation

  • BASE BUILDING: Bases must be realistic. We do not allow floating bases or game-breaking bases. Players are reminded that MEGA bases may create server lag and ruins to experience for everyone including the base owner, Building limits are 3x3 and 2 stories high, which comes out to be 12 walls per floor (including gates and doors)

  • BASE BUILDING CNT: Maximum of 1 tent and 1 sleeping bag per player per base (4 MAX), Max of 2 Green Houses OR 2 Garden Plots at the base, not each. Maximum of 10 Doors per individual base

  • BASE STORAGE: Base storage limits are as follows, 4000 slots base storage per player with 500 bonus slots per additional base member. (1 player 4000 Slots, 2 players 4500 Slots, 3 players 5000 Slots, 4 players 5500 Slots). 2 Gun Racks/Wall Racks Maximum per base, 2 Gun Locker Kits per player per base (8MAX)

  • VEHICLES: Players may own 3 vehicles (Cars & Helis) & 1 Boat each, vehicles are to be parked in a garage when not in use to save on server performance. If vehicles are left at the trader area for a prolonged period and or players cannot park out/in their vehicles, the vehicle will be removed at the owner's expense and may not be compensated