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Server IP:

Monetization Perks

  • Priority Queue

  • Donator Rank Role In Discord

  • Donator General Chat Discord

  • Donator Private Squad Voice Channel

  • Global Chat Clan Tag & Name Color Change

  • (Soon) Custom Server Clothing Items

How Monetized Works

  • Priority Queue - Allow players to jump ahead in a login queue

  • Donator Rank - Gives players access to categories and channels in our discord server only available to donators for their support

  • Global Chat Clan Tag & Name Color Change - Changes players name color when chatting using in-game global chat and adds clan tag before player name

  • Custom Clothing Items like shirts and pants that would bring no advantage other than to display membership status to the server, those items in question would be accessible to any other player from the general trader locations just in a different skin and for the same in-game currency value

Donation Information

  • Donations on ColdWarZ Are Cumulative!

  • Donations Perks on ColdWarZ will never expire unless the player leaves Discord!

  • Once Donation is Completed , Create Ticket to your receive perks , (please include name donation was completed by to expedite process)

Donation Pricing

  • Premium Donator: 10$USD

    • Premium Member Discord Role

    • Global Chat Yellow Nametag

  • Patron Donator: 25$USD

    • Parton Member Discord Role

    • Queue Priority

    • Global Chat Blue Nametag

  • Elite Donator: 40$USD

    • Elite Member Discord Role

    • Queue Priority

    • Global Chat Purple Nametag + ClanTag

  • Diamond Donator: 75$ USD

    • Diamond Member Discord Role

    • Queue Priority

    • Global Chat Cyan Nametag + ClanTag

  • Ambassador Donator: 100$USD

    • Ambassador Member Discord Role

    • Queue Priority

    • Global Chat Black Nametag + ClanTag

    • Ambassador Categories Discord

    • Ambassador Direct Admin Support Line


When you choose to donate, you are paying for server maintenance, server costs, mod expenses, discord perks, and in-game perks, donations are non-refundable.

Donations do not give any competitive advantage or treatment in-game or on Discord, being a donator gives you the perks listed above.

Donator Perks may be taken away or removed from players that break server and discord rules, violations will be on a case-by-case basis with the exemption of cheats/mods which will result in a permanent ban from the game and discord server.

Beware that donator perks may change or features added in the future, Notice will be given and the remaining perk value/status will be continued until expired